WorldCare ALLY

WorldCare ALLY

Being told you or a family member has a complex medical issue is overwhelming and often very stressful. Without formal medical training it’s very easy to become frustrated when trying to understand medical jargon, complicated reports and high-level details of your condition. Most people don’t know where to look or whom to contact for information, let alone how to interpret the information they receive. There is a vast pool of knowledge available, but without proper guidance it can be difficult to tell what is trustworthy.


WorldCare offers a solution for this through WorldCare ALLY – designed to help you find answers to all your health care questions.


The service offers assistance from a qualified clinician to sift through complex medical information and assist members with understanding and interpreting that information. WorldCare will provide clarity and the information needed to help the member make more informed medical decisions.


How it works

WorldCare ALLY is here when you need it most, after being told you or a family member has a medical condition and you’re unsure where to turn. Through WorldCare ALLY, you can get the answers needed in a simple three-step process:


Step 1 – Call WorldCare to initiate the WorldCare ALLY service.


Step 2 – A WorldCare Ally – a qualified nurse or physician – will speak to you and gather and review all your relevant medical records, highlighting the most important and relevant facts of your case.


Step 3 – Your Ally assembles and delivers the WorldCare ALLY Report and calls you to walk you through the findings, including understanding your condition, how to navigate next steps and an outline of the questions to ask your doctor.


WorldCare ALLY brings you access to customized, detailed research reports prepared upon request on the condition of your choice. These personalized reports serve as valuable long-term resources to newly-diagnosed or chronically-ill people considering many alternative courses of treatment, equipping them with comprehensive information to aid in their health care decisions.


WorldCare ALLY simplifies and brings clarity to what can be an overwhelming situation, especially when there are multiple health care providers involved in your care.


All of our services are member-only. To request more information or request service, click here.


WorldCare ALLY  service spec. sheet

WorldCare ALLY service spec sheet –  Spanish


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